The Spy Master Necklace

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Evoke Shadows perfect for Concealing a Master Spy with these Statement Making Wing Shaped Asymmetrical Earrings. Designed in Sterling Silver Wire these Fierce Metallic Fabric Earrings are Heavy on Style yet Lite Weight on Your Ears making them Comfortable to Wear All Day Long.

Each Pair of Earrings is handmade by our designer, Dani, in her home studio in Palmer, Texas. Cosplay Jewelry, Cassian, Cosplay Costume, Solstice & Starlight

Materials Azriel, ACOTAR Jewelry, ACOTAR Earrings, batboys

Sterling Silver Wire   ACOTAR, Bookish Events, Book Tok

Glass Beading in Smoke, Titanium, & Bronze fabric earrings, wing earrings, bat earrings

Fabric in Night Sky

Stainless Steel Chain Velaris Starfall Ball,  fall jewelry trends 2023, star earrings

Stainless Steel Star Charm

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium exact colors and patterns may differ slightly from image shown. 

Our Jewelry Styles are often named after individuals or works of art that inspire us. Product names are not indicative of any social or monetary connection to, or endorsement by, well-known individuals.  Rhysand, Cassian, Night Court