Glennon Prism Necklace

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Infuse fresh energy into your everyday wardrobe with Gilded Girl Accessories, Glennon Prism Necklace.

Both dainty and statement making, this stunning 3-Dimensional design features a hand sculpted 14K Rose Gold Fill Wire prism pendant is backed with a reclaimed textile in Teal Damask.

Each design in Gilded Girl's Fall 2023 Capsule Collection, RECLAIMED, is sustainably created and features a reclaimed fashion or interior design textile that has been given a new life in our jewelry designs. The names for each style in the RECLAIMED Collection were chosen to celebrate women we admire who have openly struggled with addiction and made brave, bold choices to reclaim their lives.

Gilded Girl Accessories creates limited-edition, handmade jewelry in hypoallergenic 14K Rose Gold Fill, Sterling Silver, and Stainless Steel. Modern silhouettes mixed with pearls, reclaimed textiles, and custom printed vegan leathers are used in each collection to create styles as unique as the individuals who wear them. Using wire wrapping methods, designer, Danyelle Donaldson creates an elite 20-100 pieces by hand in each style. Ensuring your curated look of choice won't be spotted on everyone else.

Pendant Width- 1.75 inches
Pendant Length- 1 inches
Chain Length - 14 inches
Extender Chain Length- 3 inches

14K Rose Gold Fill Wire and Chain
Glass Beading in Titanium, & Bronze
Reclaimed Teal Damask Fabric
Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium exact colors and patterns may differ slightly from image shown.

To keep your new favorite necklace shining bright simply polish it with a jewelry care cloth after wearing.

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium exact colors and patterns may differ slightly from image shown. geometric necklace geometric jewelry

Our Jewelry Styles are named for individuals & art works that inspire us. Product names are not indicative of any social or monetary connection to, or endorsement by, well-known individuals.  art deco jewelry  art deco necklace