Marjorie Earring

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Put a little Old Hollywood Glam into your wardrobe with the designs in our Tinsel Town Collection. It's packed with Light Weight Jewelry Designs created in 14k Rose Gold Fill or Sterling Silver Wire named for the Female Main Characters in some of our favorite Hollywood Golden Age Films.

Named to honor actress Marjorie Reynolds for her hilarious, heartfelt performance as Linda Mason, in Holiday Inn; these simple classic pearl earrings feature delicate hand beading in Platinum & Bronze as well as a mixture of Luxurious Gray and White Pearl Beads.

Created by hand in our design studio with 14K Rose Gold Fill Wire, an elite 40 pieces per design have been created, by hand, ensuring your curated look of choice won't be spotted on everyone else.


- 14k Rose Gold Fill Wire

- Metallic Beading in Platinum & Bronze

- Luminous Gray & White Pearl Beads


Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium exact colors and patterns may differ slightly from image shown.

Our Jewelry Styles are named for individuals who inspire us. Product names are not indicative of any social or monetary connection to, or endorsement by, well-known individuals.