Demi Reversible Sequin & Plaid Hoop Earrings

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Update your wardrobe for Fall 2023 with these Stunning Sustainably Made Reversible Sequin & Plaid Hoop Earrings. Featuring reclaimed fashion fabrics in Multicolored Sequins & a Cheery Orange & Blue Dominated Plaid.

Each pair of earrings is handmade in 14K Rose Gold Fill Wire by our designer, Dani, in her home studio in Palmer, Texas. 2023 Fall Fashion Trends 2023 Fall Trends


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Reclaimed Multicolor Sequin Fabric recycled earrings sustainable jewelry brands 

Reclaimed Orange & Blue Plaid Fabric  sustainable earrings hoop earring huggie earrings

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium exact colors and patterns may differ slightly from image shown.

Our Jewelry Styles are named for individuals & art works that inspire us. Product names are not indicative of any social or monetary connection to, or endorsement by, well-known individuals.  art deco jewelry geometric earrings sterling silver earrings