Lillian Mixed Metal Ear Pin

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Trend Setter Vibes are Coming in Haute with our Lillian Mixed Metal Ear Pin.

Named to honor Lillian Gish, an American actress, director and screenwriter whose film acting career spanned 75 years, from 1912, in silent film shorts, to 1987, earning her the nickname "The First Lady of American Cinema"; she is credited with pioneering fundamental film performance techniques, some of which, are still in use today. 

Art Deco influence can be seen in the repeated geometric shapes at the center of the design, painstakingly created to match in 14K Rose Gold Fill & Sterling Silver Wire. 

Created by hand in our Design Studio in Palmer, Texas, an elite 50 pieces per design have been created, by hand, for our Fall 2022 capsule collection. Ensuring your curated look of choice won't be spotted on everyone else.



- Sterling Silver Wire

- 14k Rose Gold Fill Wire

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium exact colors and patterns may differ slightly from image shown.

Our Jewelry Styles are named for individuals who inspire us. Product names are not indicative of any social or monetary connection to, or endorsement by, well-known individuals.